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Cord Projects

Cord Projects are an ongoing series of experiments meant to explore short voice messaging and how it intersects with the latest technology and trends. We're focused on creating the best possible voice messaging experience. Cord and our little experiments along the way live here as Cord Projects.


Cord lets you send short voice messages (a quick note, your dog barking, your favorite song, you singing your favorite song, etc.) to one person, a small group, or everyone in your contact list. It’s a simple, fast and fun way to talk on your phone again.

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Chhirp is a mic button for Twitter. It’s an incredibly simple and fast iOS app to instantly share short audio on Twitter.

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Flip your phone upside down and press the mic to send short voice messages to all your friends, all at once. It's one button broadcast.

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We wanted to have a little fun while exploring Android Wear's capabilities. It's surprisingly powerful! PaperCraft is a Material Design inspired space shooter for your watch.

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With no access to the Apple Watch’s speaker or microphone on launch we couldn’t build Cord. So we built Snakemoji. Without a doubt the most important snake game on Apple Watch. Control a 😃 whose appetite for 🍕, 🍔, 🍌, even 🍤 never ends.

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More soon...

There’s always a few things kicking around at Cord Project Inc.